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Heart disease kills more than two times as many Australian women than breast cancer

A little while ago, I read about a woman who had been told for 3 years that her chest tightness was anxiety only to be diagnosed with Three Vessel Disease (3VD: the left anterior descending, right coronary and circumflex arteries).

And the other day I heard of a woman diagnosed with asthma while she was actually having a heart attack.

  • Did you know that heart disease kills more than two times as many Australian women than breast cancer. ... and that about 40% of heart attacks in women are fatal?
  • Do you know that heart disease in woman is almost like a different disease in women compared to men?
  • Are you seeing a lot of women in your practice?
  • Do you know how to recognise symptoms of heart disease?

I feel it is a critical area to up-skill in.

I highly recommend the two-part presentations by Ruth Trickey starting next week.

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Thursday, 07 July 2022

Book Review: Phytotherapy Desk Reference

PDR5Reviewed by  Mim Beim

My original copy of Michael Thomsen’s Phytotherapy Desk Reference is herb-stained and dog-eared. So it was with much excitement that I received the latest edition of this little gem.

The book, as with the previous editions, has been designed not as an exhaustive materia medica but rather as a desk reference for the busy herbalist. It contains short, precise descriptions of 236 of the most commonly used herbs in Australia and New Zealand.


The extensively revised and updated 5th edition of the Phytotherapy Desk Reference

Phytotherapy Desk Reference 5th Edition ISBN: 978-0-646-82443-7 Soft-cover, spiral bound. 200 pages. 233 Monographs.